Heritage Corporate Advisors

Family Owned Company

A third-generation family owned business was stuck in quick sand. Revenues were flat and the company was barely breaking even. The owners were entrenched in litigation amongst themselves. Turned the focus away from the ownership issues to the operations of the business. Improved results by evaluating all expense categories. Substantial savings were achieved within three months. Distribution channels were expanded and revenue opportunities increased. Product pricing practices were updated. The company was positioned for sale by ownership.

Insurance Industry Service Provider

A young, privately held company providing services to companies to minimize their insurance costs was experiencing growing pains. Due to the company’s rapid growth, it was losing money and could not obtain bank financing while bringing on the new business. Provided business advisory services and a creative financing solution to bridge the period of escalating revenue growth enabling it to quickly position itself as an industry leader within its first five years of operation.

Large Manufacturer

A $125 million producer of electroplated steel products was losing money due to shrinking sales and margin compression. The break-even point was reduced by 58% over 6 years and allowed the company to improve its results for a loss of $3.7 million to a profit of $10.7 million in spite of a reduction of volume of 43%. This was accomplished by implementing lean manufacturing techniques (winner of a manufacturing award from a industry trade group), reducing fixed costs, improving product yields by 8%, improving customer satisfaction (reduced claims by 47%) and increased inventory turns by 31% which allowed a lead time reduction of two weeks.

Small Manufacturer

A small business that designs and manufactures custom electronic components such as transformers and inductors was purchased from its founder by a member of the Heritage team.

Profitability was improved from losing money to a 10% net income. Sales were increased by 55% and gross profit was increased to 64%. The keys to success were expanding the use of internet marketing to drive sales, revising the pricing model to improve per piece profit and cost control measures in order to improve margin. The company was successfully sold by its owner to a strategic buyer.

Specialty Manufacturer

A specialty manufacturer of steel products was experiencing declining prices and sales. Improved plant profitability by more than $15 million. Poor product quality cost was reduced by 49% and operating unit uptime and productivity was improved by 45% and 30% respecitvely. Strengthened market position by improving delivery performance form 84% on time to 99% on time and reducing customer claims to less than 0.2%. Implemented a new manufacturing process routing that fully utilized the lowest cost-highest quality processes and eliminated poorer performing units.